ACFC Membership

Our membership is managed through an online system where we collect your details and manage your memebership type and payments.  You can pay us by monthly direct debit or set uo a recurring charge to a debit/credit card or PayPal


Membership Rates based on annual contract paid by direct debit or card payment

Adult £37.00  Join

Student £32.00   Join

Junior (13-18)  £27.50  Join

Child (Under 13) £25.00  Join



Are you a member of Scottish Fencing?

If you want to fence at ACFC you must be a member of Scottish Fencing (or another home country governing body associated with British Fencing.)  The primary reason for this is to ensure all of our members are correctly insured but there are many benefits to memebership.

Please make sure you have joined before you come along.  You must be at least a “Starter” level member to fence with us in your first two years after which you must be at least “Recreational”.

If you are doing one of our beginners training sessions we will automatically join you as a 90 day trial membership.

You can join Scottish Fencing online through the British Fencing website  Make sure you select Aberdeen City Fencing Club as your primary club and Scotland as your home country.